My life started after I lost my father,

a visionary,

to suicide.
— Kia

Kia Marie is a multiple award-winning songwriter, recording artist, poet and author committed to inspiring others through poetic storytelling. Through her work, Kia shows how you can bridge the gap between the dreams that we all have and the self-doubt we must overcome. She embraces the essential acts of self-care. She gives her listeners, readers and viewers clarity, peace of mind and motivation toward their own aspirations in life.  

Expressing my emotions is the therapy that connects me to my father, myself,
and you.

Kia’s Jamaican mother and American father fostered the creative savoir faire of Kia and her two sisters by encouraging them to write thoughts down. They were surrounded by vivid displays of music, art and dance. Kia’s early years were the building blocks in forming her yearning for creation, which instinctively became her first love. She regularly wrote songs, poems and short stories, and the shy youngster would often get lost in her creative processes.

Kia attended Stevenson University on an academic scholarship and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Art + Visual Communication Design. Kia’s natural ability to melodically string words together garnered major rewards including a trip to Las Vegas to accept songwriting recognition from the American Songwriting Awards, multiple winnings from the Hollywood Songwriting Contest and more.

Dear future what will you make of me?

I see pieces of visions and fragments of dreams.
— from 'To Be Drenched in Dreams'

Her debut book, To Be Drenched in Dreams, Delights, Downfalls and Dos, is a 200-page collection of poetry, notes and motivations for the dreamer. It is also a manifesto of Kia's commitment to encourage readers to dream on through every challenge they face. She believes that despite what happens in life, one’s dreams are what carry them through both fortunate and unfortunate times. These experiences set us on an unbelievable path to self-discovery. 

I’m here to dream, do and then move someone out of darkness-

and into their light.

Kia launched her first EP entitled “She” in the Spring of 2019. Her EP collection takes the listener on a story-themed musical journey. It is as daring as it is sensual. ‘She’ embodies all that makes a female a woman; the struggles and challenges as well as the victories. The journey of ‘She’ collectivizes the growth and development needed to reach our power as women.

Kia’s brand is fresh and natural. Her story is powerful and the richness of her spirit overflows. Kia is more than an author, an artist, a lyricist, songwriter or poet. Kia is the manifestation of what Spirit creates when “She” doesn’t accept limits!