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I highly recommend this book as it was an inspirational yet encouraging book, and was engaging as well as entertaining. I purchased several of these books for family members and I’ve gotten nothing but positive reviews. I also purchased one for myself and I’m very glad that I did. I highly recommend this book for family members who need encouragement. ★★★★★
— Philippa S.
I truly appreciate that the author of this book laid her all on the pages- from the most intimate of topics to the most motivating messages. I honestly read this entire book in one sitting because it not only captivated my mind but it also truly touched my heart. An excellent read. My go-to for inspiration and uplifting. I highly recommend it! ★★★★★
— DeQuana Q.
Kia’s book “To Be Drenched in Dreams, Delights, Downfalls...” is a delightful collection of LIFE, and how to navigate through the many obstacles it brings. I purchased several copies as this books makes an excellent gift for anyone, but I gave them to my nieces and nephews to give them POSITIVE MOTIVATION! ★★★★★
— David T.
As a former writer myself, this book truly inspired me to get out of my writers block mode and pushed my spirits to run freely on paper once again. The one thing I would truly wish for the author of this book to know is that it honestly helped me in a major time of depression in my life. When you don’t receive the love all around yourself and can open up to ANY PAGE and feel like you’ve been loved all along it truly inspires you that there are fantastic individuals out there spilling their souls out to help you fill yours. I treat this book very sacred and open it whenever I know that conflicting times are arising in my life and will continue to do so in the near future. Highly recommend people of ALL ages to embrace the poems and sayings in this quote and come one step closer towards embracing their inner selves. ★★★★★
— Paris H.
To Be Drenched in Dreams, Delights, Downfalls and Do’s is a book full of inspiration and heart-felt love. The genuine work done by the author engages with themes of love, loss, healing, and convicting hopes of the future—one in which you build yourself with a plan of some sort and hard work. The books content is sectioned in an interesting way, and once you see how, you will realize why the title of this book is so on point. The book’s filled with quotes, notes, poems, and short entries and a “Dreaming Room” at the end. Throughout the book, there’s also fun, enthralling artwork (like on the cover) that just connects with the rudimentary roots of your inner-child… when you had such imagination of what you were going to do on this Earth. To Be Drenched is both deeply personal and universally relatable. The author shares culture and communicates in a way that connects with all ages of young people, and any other dreamers and creators. ★★★★★
— Jarret B.

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