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Kia Marie is an award-winning songwriter, artist and author committed to building a creative life and influencing better perspectives along the way. Her debut release, To Be Drenched in Dreams, Delights, Downfalls, and Dos, is a 200-page book of poetry, notes, and motivations for the dreamer; a manifesto of her commitment to encouraging readers to dream on through it all. She believes that despite what happens in life, one’s dreams are what carry them through both fortunate and unfortunate times. 

Kia is also the creator of the YouTube channel, Hairitage93, which serves as her platform to give easy and inexpensive tips to enhance natural beauty, share nail care tutorials, promote self-care and wellness, and have candid conversations about her life experiences. She regularly uses Hairitage93 to connect with her viewers by answering questions, giving advice, and collaborating with them on requested video ideas.

Kia attended Stevenson University in Maryland on an academic and art scholarship and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Art and Visual Communication Design. When she isn’t busy creating tutorials or promoting her book, she is spending time with her loving family, or investing in the art and design world.

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